Tues-Sun 10am-5pm – 810 Randolph St x 3rd St, Downtown Napa – Vintage, Repurposed, Shabby Chic, European & Antique Home Decor and Gifts

Holiday cheer is here…

NapaVintageMarket (7)

Feels good to have the holidays here to bring cheer to downtown Napa. Still lots of rebuilding going on and so we offer a beautiful store front that will surely delight all who see it!

We encourage you to see our window display during the day as well as peek in at night! Stroll or drive by and enjoy what Alice, Amber and Angie have been working on these last two weeks. They wanted to create displays that felt like yesteryear with a current repurposed feel.

There is more to come in the next week or so as our 3rd Street windows will also have a gorgeous display full of whimsy! I’d love to tell you what the plan is, but it will be fun to reveal it when the display is finished.

We hope to see you soon! – Alice and the girls

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NapaVintageMarket (14)

NapaVintageMarket (4)

NapaVintageMarket (5)

NapaVintageMarket (12)

NapaVintageMarket (13)

Kitties will be available for adoption this weekend and holiday season! We are helping Whiskers, Tails and Ferals of Napa out by helping to find loving homes for some of their foster kitties!

NapaVintageMarket (6)

More holiday gifts and décor!

NapaVintageMarket (10)

NapaVintageMarket (11)

NapaVintageMarket (2)

Cards will be available soon!

NapaVintageMarket (9)

NapaVintageMarket (8)



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