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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


As we race toward spring (and lose a little sleep) we also think of shamrocks and faeries, rainbows and legends, and all things green. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we honor the mighty Irish with seven splendid books that nod to the culture and bow with grace to the history of Ireland.


Books chosen by Diana Greenwood

1. Trinity by Leon Uris– 1st edition, 1976 ( if you have never read this book, now is a good time)

2. Dublin Days by L.A. G. Strong–poetry, 1st edition, 1923 (so pretty) 
3. Rhyme with Reason, Irish and American Poems by Patrick Kane and others–1st edition, 1911, very rare, signed by Kane and P. G. Smyth, contributor. Signatures damaged but legible. 

4. Poems by Theodore Maynard–1919 (note: yes he was British but we’ve included him in this list due to his writings on Catholicism and because the book cover is green) 
5. The Man with the Hoe and Other Poems by Edwin Markham–1913 (a beautiful book, also green, and although American, Markham is listed here for his views on justice and his literary support of the “workingman” at the turn of the century.)
6. Lovely is the Lee by Robert Gibbings–1st edition, 1945 

7. Strumpet City by James Plunkett


Beautiful Home Decor pieces have been coming in the store, come on by for a visit and see all the fine art, prints, vintage posters, furniture, frames, mirrors, pottery, books, paint and more!


















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March is turning into a gorgeous month. Downtown Napa is busy with locals and visitors from all over the world. We love meeting everyone and being apart of your daily journey or earth trek. see ya soon…

Alice, Sarah. Diana & Trish


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