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Alice on the Travel Channel! This Wednesday – 2/5/2014 – 10:30pm

Well we can finally tell everyone about the TV Show Alice is featured in!!

The show is called “Auction on Wheels” and it is premiering on the Travel Channel next Wednesday at 10:30pm.
Check your local listing for the right channel and time. We have not seen the final cut, so not sure how much “air time” she will have, but they did spend a full day filming so hopefully there is some good footage! Let’s all watch together….

Napa Vintage Market Auction On Wheels Photo


More Info about the Show:
May 2013 we were asked by Indigo films if they could come out and shoot a TV show at my mom’s property. The show is about two auctioneers who travel the US looking for properties/places they can search for items that they can resell for profit at a Pop-up-Auction. Rod & Peewee are the auctioneers and they are fantastic! Such fun guys, was a great day of filming. They found lots of vintage and antique items to resell at their auction. You’ll have to watch the episode to see how it all turns out!

Flyer about Auction that was held in Sonoma:

Picture of Filming:

Filming for TV Show

Filming for TV Show

We’ll update you with more info as it becomes available…

Alice, Sarah, Diana & Trish

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